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Courses for 2016 and Summer Classes

Our year of classes for 2016 are finishing on 04.11.2016.  

To celebrate there will be a lunch held on 04.11.2016 – at Sheffield Town Hall at 12.00. 

Please bring a plate of food to share.  


Summer school Information

We are also offering a limited number of Summer Classes over the break at the end of the year. 

Information about the Summer Classes can be obtained at the Break up Lunch on 04.11.2016 or by contacting Leonie Read. 

If you are not already a member of Kentish U3A the good news is that you can join to attend the 2016 Summer Classes for only $15. 


Courses for 2017

 Our Tutors however are free to design their classes and courses as they wish.   

There are usually no classes on public holidays.

Most courses continue to run through the school holidays. 

Check with your tutor about this. 

Classes are still being arranged for next year.


Semester Dates for 2017.   

Our classes are roughly aligned with Tertiary Semester dates but this varies from class to class. 

Semester 1     Sign on day for 2017 will be on 17.02.2017 at the Sheffield Town Hall at 1.30 pm.

Semester 2     To be announced.


How to enroll in classes in 2017

There are no class/tuition fees. These are covered by your annual membership fee.

However particular courses may involve a fee to cover ingredients or materials eg cooking classes.

Members may be required to make a $2 donation per session to help cover power and heating costs in some venues. 

Membership fees expire on 27.02.2017 and new fees will be required to enroll in classes in 2017. 

Sign on day is 17.02.2017.

Classes are still being arranged and the web pages are not yet developed. 

Enrolment into classes for 2017 — watch this space for information.