Welcome to Kentish U3A

Kentish U3A [The University of the Third Age] is a community run, self-help organisation, offering the sharing of knowledge for the over 50’s, especially those in their retirement or semi- retirement years.  Though we may be getting older, we still like to have fun.   We still get curious about things and want to know how stuff works.   Why not get together and share our knowledge and skills with others keen to learn them?  Welcome to the University of the Third Age. University is a loose term – there are no academic requirements for membership and no exams.   We are an Incorporated Body with support such as insurance and copyright advice from our interstate cousins in NSW.  We have a Constitution which can be viewed here. U3A is a worldwide self-help organisation promoting learning for personal enjoyment and satisfaction.  It is run on a voluntary basis in small groups, in local venues such as schools, church halls, cafes, community rooms or halls.         

New fees for 2020 and Summer School 

Please come and join us.

Membership fee for 2020 is $40 – One fee for as many classes as you would like to join. Summer School for 2019 – 2020  $10.  This fee is payable if you ONLY join the summer school.  Annual members get Summer school included in their membership. You will need to have become a member of Kentish U3A before you can enrol in a class. Membership forms can be printed off the website 2020 membership forms Payment can be made by direct deposit to Kentish U3A Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 A/C 156837346. Please put your name and course on the bank deposit or by cheque made to Kentish U3A  with the membership  form and handed to your tutor. You will also need to show your receipt when you attend your first classes. Committee Meetings – you are most welcome to attend a Committee Meeting. Please contact Jennifer  0400 376 937  to find out the time and date of the next meeting. 2020 Key Dates:  Registration Day – 7 February Uniting Church Hall Sheffield10am – 12 noon Semester 1             10 February – 26 June  Annual General Meeting            13 March Uniting Church Hall10am Semester 2              6 July  – 27 November    Summer School      30 November 2019- 8 February 2020