Kentish U3A Inc. Monthly Report – January 2021


Happy, happy New Year….. so glad that 2020 is over and we can now, hopefully, all enjoy a calmer, healthier and prosperous New Year.  This month there is a garden visit with Leoni.  She has 3 wonderful local gardens lined up for you to enjoy.  Make sure you ring her on 0429 705 062 to let her know you intend to join her.  There will be two new workshops that are planned for February that sound very exciting.

The first, ‘Wise Body’ – a tale of three brains and how to get them working as a team will be presented by Kerry Harvey who is a Social Ecologist, HeartMath Life Coach and Artist.

The second, ‘Stir the Snoozing Synapses in our Brain’ takes a positive look at Positive Ageing and will be presented by visiting Newcastle author Joan Morgan McCarthy

Last month we enjoyed two social gatherings. At the conclusion of semester 2 the tutors were treated to a morning tea as a thank you for giving their time selflessly and sharing their expertise with our members.  They make our U3A what it is.  We really appreciate all your efforts, tutors, thank you.

We also had a Christmas luncheon to mark the end of the year’s activities.  We were entertained by Nita with her recitation of a very funny poem by Pam Ayres, ‘Surgically Enhanced’.  The ukulele group performed a number of their pieces encouraging all of us to sing along.  Lots of fun and laughter made it a great end to a very unusual year.

Till next time – Narelle (Publicity Officer – 0407660272)


Kentish U3A Classes have been back in action since early July 2020  – all with Covid-19 safe work plans.

The Kentish U3A  committee has carefully considered our classes to ensure the safety of our members. Some classes have not resumed. All have changed. Some tutors sadly have not returned.

Social Distancing and careful hygiene are still the most powerful weapons we have against Coronavirus.

Following the templates from Worksafe Tasmania we have modified the delivery of classes and activities.  Plans have been written to ensure we have thought about the safety of our members and tutors.  Thanks to all tutors who have helped us design the new plans.

While there have been no known active cases in Tasmania for some months, the imminent opening of our borders to travel from declared ‘safe’ states leaves no room for complacency.

We do not wish to give the virus a chance to infect any of us. Not one.

And we do not wish to experience a second wave in our community.

Please follow the Coronavirus plans designed for your classes.

Keep up to date with major updates on the online Public Information Document (PID) website